Hands That Heal By Kathleen

Kathleen Wall has been a source of great inspiration to many, bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her clients through her grounded awareness. Read her glowing testimonials. She uses a sincere and gentle attitude integrating technique with heart.

Since 1987 Kathleen has been developing sensitivity of touch by blending various massage and body work techniques, helping clients deepen their relationship to their bodies.


Kathleen believes we all know intuitively that health touch transmits a true sense of caring and generates a form of nourishment that cannot be recaptured in any other manner or form.

Several years ago, Kathleen started working with clients "on the floor," adding Thai Yoga Massage Therapy to her long list of modalities. Thai massage is not based on anatomy. It is based on energy. Thai massage is a beautiful and powerful combination of massage, acupressure, stretching, twisting, energy work and meditation. Feet, palms, thumbs, elbows and knees are the tools of the Thai massage therapist.

The unhurried pace and smooth flow characterized by this form of body work detracts from the deep pressure and powerful Yoga stretches that are used. Thai massage is applied to the clothed body. Together these techniques help enhance self-knowledge. Moving slowly so that the body understands and integrates each step along the way.

Kathleen is a student of Phoenix Rising Yoga. She is certified in Levels I and II and will continue her studies for Level III and full certification. Phoenix Rising Yoga is one of the fastest growing Yoga-based body-mind therapies. Phoenix Rising Yoga is a Yoga-based, client-centered form of body work within a safe, supportive environment. It allows you to explore the relationship between what's happening in your body and what's happening in your life. This can include a release of physical and emotional tension, leading to a better self-understanding. Non-directive dialogue gives you the opportunity to describe your experience as it's happening.

A new therapy at Still Point Center by Kathleen. A new service with a unique approach: Sacred Movement Yoga Therapy is a one-on-one session using supported Yoga postures at your comfort level. There is no Yoga experience necessary. There is verbal exploration to connect with what's happening in your life and to become aware of the mind-body connection. Using guided breathing, this connection is held and explored, fostering release, personal growth and healing.

Sacred Movement Yoga Therapy involves Yoga assisting. Yoga assisting is an art, and sensitive assisting allows clients to feel safe and to open more fully to the experience of being in their bodies. Assisted touch and verbal can facilitate opening.  In the sacred space of assisting, we empty ourselves, open to trust and receive the information we need. Language, tone of voice and quality of touch can create union. Come in to Still Point Center and try this wonderful new therapy, Sacred Movement Yoga Therapy! Individual appointments can be made with Kathleen.

Kathleen's work now includes a blend of all of these techniques. Promoting life-long health, relaxation and vitality at Still Point Center, Kathleen believes these techniques will help you to explore and celebrate inner awareness, self-expression and powerful personal transformation. These are truly techniques for mind-body-spirit-emotions. Kathleen believes in creating and holding sacred space.

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